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Are You A School Interested In Using Picture This Portraits?

Our Customers Happiness Is What Keeps Them Coming Back!

Speculation Plan

Everyone in your school is photographed individually (one pose, one background) and in a class/group picture.


Packages are printed for everyone, and parents are allowed to see the finished package before making any purchases.


The package and background selection is made by the school.


In this plan, the school collects the money, summarizes the sales, deducts its commission and then sends a check along with all unsold pictures to PICTURE THIS.

Pre-Pay Plan

Packages are decided upon by school/center.


We usually offer from three to six different packages for parents to preorder.


Completed envelopes are returned to school/center on picture day.

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Proof Plan

Each child is photographed up to three times on different backgrounds.


Proof envelopes are returned to the school within ten days. Parents then select the pose, background and package of their choice, making payment to the school.


The school collects payment, totals sales, deducts its commission and forwards a check and the original proof envelopes back to PICTURE THIS.


The completed packages are returned in about two weeks.​

Select A Plan

Each school selects one or two backgrounds and up to six different portrait packages to offer to the parents.


PICTURE THIS will then supply your school with order envelopes that will be sent home so that parents can select the package that best suits their needs.


They will then return the completed envelope with payment by a deadline that has been set before picture day.


With this option, checks are usually made out to PICTURE THIS, and we will simply mail your commission check to you with the completed packages.

Online Sales

Each child is photographed on up to three backgrounds. 

Your school is assigned a password. All pictures are then posted on our online site. Parents can log in and order packages, single sheets and other add-ons.


A deadline is set for commission and when reached, commission is totaled and sent to the school along with the pictures that have been ordered. The portraits, however, will stay active for up to six months for ordering.


The only difference after the deadline is that shipping is added and portraits are sent right to their homes.

Select A Sheet

Each child is photographed on up to two backgrounds.


A speculation package of the schools choice is then printed of each picture.


Each parent will then receive a package with multiple sheets of pictures from both backgrounds.


They then have the choice to purchase as many sheets as needed and have pictures in hand when making their purchase.

Why Choose Picture This Portraits?

Clients Are Not Just Customers… They are Family

 We are a family owned business who always puts our customers first. We take our time with our shoots. When you decide to make Picture This Portraits your school, dance, or family photographer, you can be rest assured you are making the right choice.

Most Popular Photography Studio in Virginia

It’s the success and quality that we bring to every portrait session that bring clients back.

Picture This Portraits treats every photography session with the upmost professionalism. When we say we are the best photography studio in Hampton Roads, we mean it.

Quality that Lasts Forever

We offer a wide variety of prints and additional items such as magnets, key chains, coffee mugs, plus more! These additional items are fantastic as gifts for family members, and our prints will look fabulous on your walls.

Call (757) 570-6165 & Speak To A Professional Photographer On How We Can Help You Preserve Memories That Last Forever.

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